This is why I go to the Thursday night premieres. You can’t Google reviews about Solo: A Star Wars Story without seeing the original titles of articles written about a massive spoiler in the movie. I might understand it coming from Vanity Fair, but the hastily written article for CBR is upsetting. Spoilers to follow.

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Alright, so for those of you who have managed to see Solo: A Star Wars Story before it’s official release date of today, Friday May 25th, you may have noticed a certain character return towards the end of the movie. For those of us who have seen the Clone Wars and Rebels animated series, this reveal wasn’t so much surprising as it was validating (though to be honest it was quite surprising) because we knew that Maul had survived his duel with Obi-Wan, and started a criminal syndicate by the end of the Clone Wars... although if memory serves it was dismantled by Darth Sidious quite easily. And when we pick back up with Maul he had been tracked by the Eigth Brother, who’s pursuit had stranded Maul on Malachor. Now we obsessive Star Wars fans know this, but there are most likely fans who have only watched the mainline movies so this reveal comes as a surprised. More so to the casual Star Wars fan who happens to write for websites that get movie through ad revenue (so all websites). That’s why, over night, after seeing Solo at premiere screenings, articles popped up about Maul’s return, but the writer failed to take into consideration that they might be spoiling one of the coolest cameos in the movie, especially since it ties directly to the plot. The following is a list of offending websites and their titles. As of this morning they may have redacted the titles, but Google still displays the original titles.

Top offenders:

Vanity Fair - “Solo: How is Darth Maul Alive for This Star Wars Movie?”

CBR - “Who Plays Darth Maul in Solo: A Star Wars Story?”

Thrillist - “Solo: A Star Wars Story Darth Maul Cameo: How is He Still Alive?”

Moderate offenders:

The Wrap - “Yes, That Was THAT Dead Villian in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ -Here’s What It Means”


IGN - “Solo’s Surprising Star Wars Cameo Connection to Phantom Menace...”

Inverse - “Surprise! How That ‘Star Wars’ Prequel Villian Fits Into ‘Solo’ Timeline”


Honorable Mentions (spoilery top photo or leads article with Maul’s appearance):

The Ringer

Dork Side of the Force

I will keep updating over the weekend, but if you have seen any, please leave it in the comments! Do you think these websites have gone too far in putting the spoiler in the title of their article? Or is it the viewer’s prerogative to remained unspoiled the night before the movie is even officially released?

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