Welcome to episode two of Dirk Gently, and it is a cracker, isn’t it? We start this week with Farrah, the bodyguard who was being held captive above Todd’s apartment. In the teaser we flashback to two days ago, when Farrah receives a call from the kidnapped girl, Lydia, and is told to rescue her from Todd’s apartment building. Unfortunately for Farrah, this is a trap. We also find out that Todd is an awful person, not only does he not open his door for a woman in distress, he pretends like he’s not home and doesn’t call the police. This leads Farrah back to her predicament last week when her captor was killed by a stray bullet. Farrah almost escapes last week, but then is immediately found this week by the rest of the bald head crew.


Cut to the two Missing Persons Detectives talking to a coroner about the bodies left over from last week. Obviously these two don’t pick up on the strangeness of this coroner who seems to be using words that would hint at his connection to all this holistic stuff. By the end of the episode we find out he was not actually with the Coroner’s Office at all. The Detectives run into the FBI Agents who have decided to stay in town to continue to go after the opium ring Todd’s deceased landlord had been running. The Agents notice the bald men take Farrah out of the apartment building and decide to follow them, which we will get back to later.

We also find ourselves back with the odd couple of Ken and the holistic assassin whose car breaks down. Luckily helps arrives on their abandoned road and tries to help fix their car. The holistic assassin shares some insight into her childhood and that she is a leaf in the stream of creation… except she’s now a piranha chasing after this Dirk Gently, a name that came to her in a dream. Of course after fixing their car, the man who helped them turns out to be a serial killer himself and is immediately killed by our holistic assassin. She then shows us that she can’t be hurt, the universe won’t allow it.

When we finally meet back in with Dirk and Todd, they are staking out the kidnapper’s house where Todd saw Lydia Spring at the end of the last episode. They decide to find their way inside the house and listen in on a phone conversation between the “Supreme Leader” and the other bald men (I assume). They also find Lydia, who is running around the house acting like a dog. Todd’s sister Amanda calls to tell him that the Rowdy 3 are outside her place, but this just sets Todd’s phone off while they’re hiding in the bathroom. Upon being found Todd jumps out the bathroom window as Dirk uses all of his business cards as defense mechanism to distract and blind the kidnapper before escaping with the man’s dog. In the alley after the escape, Dirk makes an impassioned speech about how he is continually dragged into these horrible messes and says the same “leaf in the stream of creation” line as the crazy woman out to kill him. Then Dirk gets a text to exchange the dog for Farrah.


Everything comes to a head when Dirk and Todd show up at the bridge to exchange the dog for Farrah. Unbeknownst to them, the FBI Agents are watching from afar. The exchange on the bridge is hilarious, up until Todd has to threaten to drop the dog off the bridge. Lydia’s face or spirit pops out of the dog and asks Todd to help her, which scares him and he drops her over the bridge. This is when all hell breaks loose, the bald guys show up with their electric crossbows, the FBI Agents start shooting, but are quickly ambushed. After Todd and Dirk escape, the kidnapper/Supreme Leader asks his dying bald headed associate if we wants to be a secret agent… so he might now possess the FBI Agent that was still alive after the firefight.


Dirk and Todd bring Farrah back to Dirk’s apartment where they kind of debrief each other. Todd starts to get all the connections as a small grin starts to form on Dirk’s face. Todd then notices a kitten in Dirk’s kitchen, the one from the crime scene. And then Farrah comes to and Dirk says “Hi Farrah” to Todd’s shock and disbelief. This send Todd over the edge as he attacks Dirk and we cut to Amanda playing the drums and flipping the bird to the Rowdy 3.

Finally, we learn about Project Blackwing, the military operation the two government men from last week were on. Apparently there are over 30 subjects out there in the world, but they only have the man power and resources to surveil one: Dirk Gently. If they fail to bring him in on their next attempt, they’re going to try and kill all the former Blackwing test subjects. Also, it has been 15 years since the group of 30+ subjects breached the facility and escaped into the world.


My Thoughts:

So super natural stuff going on, yet I’m still suspicious of it because we only see it when Todd is around and he has the hallucination disease, albeit he was supposedly cured. Lydia is in the dog, does that mean her father, Patrick, is in the kitten? And does that mean someone is in the Hammerhead Shark that killed Patrick? I wonder if Dirk only knows Farrah because she was Patrick’s bodyguard or if there’s something more there. On the subject of Project Blackwing, I think we can assume both Dirk and the holistic assassin are a part of them, but I wonder about the Rowdy 3. They seemed to have the power to suck out life forces the same way the bald headed gang seem to have trapped Lydia in a dog… but again we’ve only seen it when Todd has been present. Plus there was a mention of a man in a gorilla mask (I think that was Dirk if the time travel thing happens) and a man in a giraffe mask (who I think is Future Todd).


I’m really enjoying the humor in this series and the mystery. And while her role wasn’t that big in this episode, still love Hannah Marks’ Amanda. Dirk is infuriatingly fun and frustrating. He obviously is still manipulating Todd into being his assistant, but how much he actually knows is still a mystery. When the holistic assassin meets up with the holistic detective will be interesting because they’ve been mirroring each other in statements in both episodes thus far. I still don’t understand some of Katherine’s complaints in her article about the first three episodes. Thus far it has been quite enjoyable and a laugh. That whole exchange on the bridge was amazing, and then the ensuing chaos was great. Elijah Wood is excellent in his role as Todd, seeing his reactions to Dirk are wonderful and believable. His excitement as he was putting things together at the end of the episode and then sudden turn when he realized Dirk was playing him. I looks forward to the next episode! What did you think about Lost and Found? What are your theories on the greater mysteries in the show? Let’s talk below!

Quotes of the week:

  • “You guys on drugs?”
  • “They’re not dog hypnotists!”
  • “Well just because you know you’re playing a game doesn’t mean you don’t choose your moves.”
  • “You know what they say about bringing a knife to a gun fight?”
    “That it’s bad?”
    “Oh bloody hell, is that what that means?”
  • “These are the stupidest goddamn people alive.”
  • “You’re really brave, sort of, like crazy brave, or maybe just stupid, but wow… and also surprisingly incapable… how have you survived this long?”

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