Welcome to my recap for Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency episode 4! They finally confirmed that there is some supernatural stuff going on in this show! The teaser is from the point of view of the FBI agent that was still alive at the end of episode 2, as he is losing his body to one of the creepy skin heads (Fred). I can’t tell if they transferred him to a mouse first so it would be easier to kill the FBI agent without the agent fighting back or if they need to swap into animals first.


When we meet back with our heroes, Todd is talking with his sister while Dirk and Farrah wait for him outside. Amanda points out Todd is smitten with Farrah and convinces him to go with the others, but not without his cool guy jacket. I need to point out that Hannah Marks is still one of the highlights of this already spectacular cast for me, right after Elijah Wood. As Dirk, Farrah, and Todd follow the power grid map to a secret unlimited energy device that Spring left behind, hidden in plain sight. While Farrah laments to Todd about her failings as a bodyguard, Dirk pulls out the crank from the Spring mansion and finds a trap door both he and Todd eventually fall down. Trapped in a labyrinth, Dirk and Todd find themselves in puzzle traps designed specifically for them. The first is a room designed like the Death Star trash compactor (obliquely referenced), but with light bulbs, which Todd realizes the magic bulb Dirk had was the key to getting out of it. In the next room, Dirk starts to freak out about traps for once. Todd and Dirk have to create a chain to conduct electricity from a rhino head, which is attacking them in an electric ghost form, to what appears to be its horn, but not before their clothes get partially burned off. In the final room, they find the unlimited power source and a bunch of tv screens. Dirk hits all the screens relevant to the case, and then we find out the relevancy of “3?1!” from the last episode. A map flashes on the screen before the screens malfunction and smokes fills the room.

Fred, now ensouled in the FBI agent’s body visits the detectives and picks up a new lead in Todd. He shows up at Todd’s door while Amanda is home alone and creepily says he’ll wait until Todd returns right outside the door. Amanda calls Farrah for help, who comes immediately to her side. Fred realizes the door is broken and walks in to wait for Todd inside, interrogating Amanda in the interim. Farrah shows up and asks the FBI agent outside. In the hall she points out all the things out of place on the agent and pulls his gun away from him, unfortunately she gets thrown off when Fred fires back with an accusation of her mental instability. Fred storms off to monitor them outside the building and Farrah goes back to watch over Amanda. As they’re watching the FBI agent, Farrah starts to freak out a little bit, possibly showing she is one of the other escaped Project Black Wing test subjects.


Amanda starts to fear she’s having another attack when Farrah realizes there’s smoke coming from under the building. They make their way to the basement where they find Todd and Dirk suffocating on the other side of a wall. Luckily the Rowdy 3 show up and break down the wall and then feed off of Dirk again like in the first episode. Amanda recalls the vision she had when the Rowdy 3 siphoned energy off of her last episode of the map on the screens. They go back into the basement and plug the crank into the device and the map shows back up on the screen. It looks like Todd and Dirk will be following the treasure map next episode!

Gordon the Supreme Leader meets a woman in a bar, who turns out to be Lux’s former wife or girlfriend while Gordon was possessing Lux’s body. She is distraught over Lux’s body being found and Gordon seems to be there to cheer her up. Also revealed is that she was having an affair with the now dead FBI agent. He gives her Lux’s old yak fur coat and invites her back to the soul swapping station under the guise of showing her where Lux had been all these years. Eventually Gordon reveals that he is finally done with his attachments to his former body and cements this by taking an axe (guitar) to the woman’s head. All the creepy bald men are present for this as well as Fred and the guy from the morgue. Also revealed is that they’ve been doing this for about 50 years and that the device or at least parts of the soul swapping device came from another dimension or something. We end on the blood stained face of Gordon, renewed in his mission… whatever that may be.


My thoughts:

Farrah definitely is Project Black Wing after her weird response of being able to blend in normally with people. I still don’t know what is going on, but I think the pacing is still going great. Too much information would be overloading at this point, but not giving us as much as we have been given thus far would drag on too much. I’m a little disappointed we’ve already reached the half way point of the series, I could go for a full season of this, or even a Netflix full season of 13 episodes. I think the weirdest part of this episode was that we didn’t see Bart and Ken and I didn’t even realize that until the trailer for the next episode featured them. I really hope this gets a second season because it is a great ride, and a brilliant balance between supernatural elements, interesting characters, and comedy. The show is just fun, it’s like what we want from the DCEU, but we actually get from the Flarrow Multiverse (did you see the promo for the 4 night crossover?). The core 4 characters have great actors portraying them and think that their chemistry is great, especially when playing off of Elijah Wood.


Quotes of the Week:

  • “Right, no, we just met and I hate him.”
  • “No, found, it’s like stealing but no one yells at you for it.”
  • “We’re going to be crushed, Todd, distressingly slow – ah – and burned, burned and crushed to death like Watkin in Star War!”
  • “That fence was not climbed, just ambitiously fondled…”
  • “I always end up exactly where I need to be, despite the fact it’s rarely where I intended to go.”
  • “How many freakin’ maps is this guy doing? He’s mapping way too much.”

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