The unlimited energy device is a time machine! Welcome to the recap and review of the penultimate episode of Dirk Gently. We pick up moments after (or is it a week before) the events at the end of the last episode. Dirk and Todd hide as Lydia Spring is swapped into the dog’s body. The Supreme Leader shows up to ruin Rimmer’s plan and take the dog with Lydia’s soul in it, Gordon storms out with his crew. Then all hell breaks loose when a man wearing Steampunk armor shows up and kills everyone on the Supreme Leader’s team and then discovers Dirk and Todd hiding. This is where I lost my shit because the Steampunk warrior turns out to be… Patrick Spring! Who happens to be Edgar Spring! Who is actually freakin’ Zachariah Webb!!!




It all starts to click for Dirk as he dubs over the flashback of how Webb/Spring got to this point. Right after the flashback in the teaser last week where we saw Webb get a note from Dirk in the future, he travels forward in time to 1968 where he encounters a bunch of hippies squatting in his mansion worshiping his original time machine device he lost last week. This is where we meet the original body of the Supreme Leader, whose crew threaten Webb and force him to retreat. He becomes Edgar Spring and makes money as an inventor with his unlimited energy device by the 1981, but in that time, the hippies have learned how to swap bodies using the original device. They have an underground war with Spring for years until it comes to a head in 1995, when he is severely wounded in a parking lot. This is where he finally met his wife and married her as Patrick Spring. They had a kid, Lydia, but then in 2001 the Men of the Machine killed his wife. That’s when Patrick decided to jump into the future and kill all of them, which brings us to the present… which is one week in the past by the show’s chronometer. Patrick leaves for the hotel, leaving Dirk and Todd to do the same, but with one of the electric crossbows. Todd isn’t quick on the uptake though as he thinks they could still change everything and save everyone.

Meanwhile, Gordon reveals that his bald followers are so strange because they have been swapped into animals, which does something to their minds. They discuss the weaponized soul, the hammerhead shark in the kitten, which will be their last resort.


Todd and Dirk start sneaking their way out of the zoo when they come across the animal masks that Todd saw them wearing in the hotel security footage. Unfortunately, Todd is so focused on how bad his situation with his sister is that he is blind to the fact that they’re already stuck in a pre-destiny paradox (or as he incorrectly calls it later in the episode, a “time loop”). They steal a worker’s truck and head to the hotel where the older Patrick Spring is waiting. Before exiting the vehicle, Todd finds the lottery ticket he eventually obtains. As they try to make their way to the penthouse they run into some road blocks and have to steal Todd’s master key while avoiding past-Todd, 2001-Patrick Spring, and the hotel manager.


While Gordon and Spring have the meeting to exchange “Lydia” for the unlimited energy device, and Spring calls past-Dirk to set into motion the events we have been watching for the last 6 episodes. 2001-Spring busts through the door, only be lectured by his future self who then apologizes to Dirk as our two heroes arrive on the scene. Trigger happy 2001-Spring shoots the follower with the kitten causing the kitten to get scared and unleash the beast (yes that was a Jungle Fury reference) who kills the two followers and 2016-Spring. Dirk and Todd grab 2001-Spring and make their escape, but not before Todd drops the lotto ticket. They run into past-Dirk and Dirk stops him and tells him to find past-Todd at the Ridgley Building, to remember three questions, one answer, and finally to go get the kitten they forgot. Todd, realizing that Dirk had been hiding this fact the entire time gets upset, as he was hoping to use this chance to correct what was wrong in the past to fix his present, gets angry at Dirk and starts yelling at him until he realizes it was the exact moment he saw from the elevator in the first episode.


At some random dock, Patrick Spring decides to take off his armor and starts to throw it into the lake, which I would wager is Green Lake (or at least a facsimile of it). Dirk explains what has happened to them up to this point and that Patrick hired them in the future to solve his murder. Patrick punches Dirk, something older Patrick already apologized for, then reveals what he knows and the note he received from Dirk. They all realize Dirk and Todd left their time machine at the zoo, just before Todd blows up on Patrick for his stupidity. He also realizes you can’t fix everything and you need to accept what you’ve done, something that he needed to realize in his own situation with Amanda. So Patrick heads back to 2001 and gives one last cryptic message to them and pleads for them to save Lydia. Todd then turns on Dirk for knowing “everything” that was happening before even meeting him. They both say some deeply hurtful things before heading back to the time machine where they argue about where when to go next.


Five minutes before they return to 2016, we find Farrah in the boot of the FBI cruiser. As she makes her escape, she causes a bit of a ruckus, which we saw last episode cause Gordon’s crew to split up and investigate the noise. Gordon also leaves after Dirk and Todd escape so he can check on his dog/Lydia Spring, where he’s assisted by Detective Esteves. Farrah manages to kill the FBI Agent before he could kill her, right as Dirk and Todd get back from the past. Dirk gets shot and Todd get electrocuted and that’s all we get for the week.


I hope you’ve been paying attention, this is the episode that really rewards you. Everything is explained up to the point where Dirk sent his bloody message all the way back to Webb/Spring in 1886. Just that entire sequence with 2001-Spring in the armor shooting up the Men of the Machine was insane, and then when he revealed his face I lost it. I even forgot about him showing up in the pilot. I was most impressed that they managed to keep the humor in this episode as the action was going throughout the episode. And then there was Elijah Wood’s performance as Todd when he took his frustration at the pre-destiny paradox, or causal loop, out on Webb/Spring or then when he had it out with Dirk about keeping secrets from him. I really appreciate them explaining everything that’s been going on, in regards to the Spring mystery. Given the preview for next week’s episode, I’m not sure the Blackwing stuff will get resolved until next season. Actually, if I know television tropes, they’ll probably resolve everything concerning Lydia Spring and then out of nowhere they’ll capture Dirk or Bart will seemingly kill him.


Quotes of the Week:

  • “Look at you running around with a crossbow, you look like an action hero.”
  • “It always ended like this.”
  • “It was a time loop, you remember that happening!”
  • “Actually you did a rather unnecessarily complicated bit with a map to a map to a map in a maze that was bit, what’s the word… killy?”
  • “I was waiting for some big complex payoff where you explain everything, but now I get you’re just as blind and crazy as everyone else.”
  • “They obviously don’t catch us Todd, or they’d remember us in the future from the past which is currently the present so… right?”

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