Things are going down on Dirk Gently! I just got back from visiting family for Thanksgiving, loaded the washing machine, and turned this on and blam! Confirmation of time travel in the teaser, some serious things revealed in the first act, things are coming to a head. Also, if you missed it, the show has been officially renewed for a second season! Thanks for joining us back at the weekly recap and review, let’s get into it.

We start in 1886 with Zachariah Webb who is acting like a knock-off Nicola Tesla and killing his house pets with electricity. The device Todd and Dirk found in the woods is here in the basement of the Webb/future Spring mansion and when Webb finally makes his travel through time, another one appears from the future, looking like it was made from parts from the zoo hideout and holding a note from Dirk reading, “Sorry, went bad, tried but same way, wrote this last time, shit, Dirk Gently.”


Dirk and Todd’s story starts with them returning to Todd’s apartment and Dirk convinces him he needs to tell Amanda the truth about not having their disease in case something happens to him. He runs into Farrah in the hall as they have a brief and humorous exchange about killing people and catch each other up to speed, sort of. Farrah reveals she had never killed anyone before, this why she was a bit shaken last episode (good call Fondumentalist last week in the comments). Farrah goes off with Dirk, but not before giving Todd her mini knuckledusters. Todd goes to face the music with Amanda. While she’s blurting out all these things about Farrah, Todd finally just bites the bullet and comes clean. Amanda freaks out, and rightly so, and locks herself in the bathroom to process it all after Todd tries to give her the bloody lottery ticket. Hannah Marks is amazing yet again in these scenes, she really brings a fullness to her supporting character. After a nice flashback of Todd sticking up for Amanda at a concert, Amanda demands Todd’s phone so they can call their parents and tell them.

Back at the SPD, Detective Esteves gets reprimanded for breaking into the “Seattle Zoo” (which if they actually did a google search, would know its called the Woodland Park Zoo), but then realizes his boss is “one of them,” which results in his termination. Next time we see him, he’s a couple swigs down a bottle of alcohol and talking to the dog. He point blank asks the dog if she is Lydia Spring, and after a couple of tries to convince him, he finally believes her. The two of them show up at Todd’s door and Esteves starts demanding answers from Todd. Amanda starts to have an episode, this time she thinks she’s drowning. Todd tries to rescue her, but the detective cold cocks him. They pull her out of the bathroom and take her outside where two bald guys are coming to take Todd, but the Rowdy 3 show up and take them out before sucking the bad juju out of Amanda. Esteves leaves with Lydia, then Amanda tells Todd to stay out of her life and leaves with the Rowdy 3. Naturally, Todd gets kidnapped by baldy.


Dirk and Farrah, or “Module B” of the Detective Agency (they’re the strike team) are having a nice chat while stuck in traffic when Dirk decides to imagine his detective agency’s motto and starts screaming his name aloud. Naturally, Bart shows up out of nowhere and tries to kill him, but the bullets keep missing him. Farrah almost gets a shot on Bart, Ken knocks her to the ground. When Dirk gets to the top of the stairs that go no where (another common Seattle occurrence), Bart and Dirk share a mirrored moment where they realize they’re similar yet different until Farrah comes up and stabs Bart in the leg (do note that Bart winged Dirk in the arm for another mirrored effect) and throws her over the stairwell. Bart and Ken retreat back to the hotel where Bart begins to doubt herself, remember she had never been hurt before, and Ken reaffirms their belief in the mission, and that everything is connected. Upon returning to the Jeep and making sure the machine was there, Farrah calls her FBI contact who is actually the agent who was possessed by one of the bald guys and while they’re waiting for him and Todd they realize there are dates on the machine. Weirdly the “bad news calendar machine” had the dates of Patrick Spring’s murder and his wife’s mother programmed in. The FBI agent and shows up, takes out Farrah, takes the machine, and naturally Dirk gets kidnapped.


Dirk and Todd are reunited at the Zoo where they’re waiting to meet with Gordon/the Supreme Being. On his way there, Gordon met with the Police Chief and we learn that Gordon killed the original Supreme Soul in a coo. It seems that the larger soul swapping cult think the machine are from another dimension or something, but Gordon knows it’s all related to electricity. When Gordon finally reveals himself to Todd and Dirk, we think we’re about to get answers to everything, but instead he unloads all the question we have! Then Dirk figures out the machine is actually a time machine. It is revealed that Dirk and Todd were at the hotel when Patrick Spring was murdered, triggering Dirk to realize they have a time machine in front of them. Todd pulled out the brass knuckles and takes out Gordon while simultaneously stealing his coat. The episode ends with them firing up the time machine and taking my breath away.



Everything has been paying off in droves! I actually surveyed some family members about their thoughts on the show during Thanksgiving, most of them found it too confusing. So if you haven’t been paying close attention (or, ahem, been reading my detailed recaps) just about everything has been paid off. I would be down if this ends up being a backdoor American Doctor Who pilot with Dirk and Todd as Doctor and companion. I already mentioned in the recap that Hannah Mark’s Amanda is wonderful this episode, her feelings of betrayal and shock and disgust were palpable. The Bart and Dirk meeting was rewarding, although nothing really came of it yet, except they obviously recognize they’re both following the universe’s plan. I’m really excited to see what happens next week, I mean obviously they fail miserably the first time as we’ve already seen them in the past and they didn’t prevent the murder… as far as we know. Two more episodes to go! Here are the quotes of the week, with one extra to tide you over.


Quotes of the Week:

  • “The Universe is already weird, Todd.”
  • “It’s okay, we killed some people too – wait, what?”
  • “I mainly attract people of absolute hopelessness, and I think you fall into that… no offense.”
  • “Did I make some mistakes? Yes. Did I only make mistakes? Yes. But did it all work out? Kind of.”
  • “Stupid Dirk, always running away from death and forgetting machines.”
  • “That homicidal dirt muppet and I have never crossed paths before.”
  • “How many different sets of guys are in this situation?”

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